Chinese health workers killed pet dog while owner was quarantined in hotel

While a Chinese woman was in mandatory government quarantine outside of her home, health workers entered her home and killed her dog with a crowbar. 

China is taking extreme measures to rid the nation of the Covid-19 virus. When a few positive cases were confirmed in an apartment complex in the Jiangxi province, residents were moved to a nearby hotel to quarantine. The hotel did not allow dogs. Residents were instructed to leave their doors unlocked so health workers could come in to thoroughly disinfect the units.

In a video captured by the woman’s surveillance camera, two health workers wearing hazmat suits entered her apartment. Before leaving to quarantine, she verified that her corgi would be left alone, which she was assured of. Nevertheless, the two workers entered and targeted the dog.

“Did the leader say we need to settle it right here on the spot?” one asked. “Yes,” the other responded, as he moved a table out of the way to get to the dog. The worker can be seen hitting the dog in the head with a crowbar before the dog ran into the other room. The owner, whose surname is Fu, said she could hear whimpers and wails in the video. Then, the two workers can be seen walking out with a yellow bag.

Fu posted the footage online and said she wasn’t sure if her dog was dead or alive. The video, which was posted on Weibo, akin to Twitter, has been removed. However, users have continued talking about the incident and expressed outrage.

Local authorities confirmed the dog was no longer alive and apologized for carrying out the “harm-free disposal of the pet dog without adequate prior communication”. The local government also said the Shangrao have been “reprimanded and educated” and are no longer in those jobs. There have been reports of pets killed without owner permission in other parts of China, such as three cats euthanized after testing positive for the virus. Fu expressed that the officials should have at least tested her dog for the virus before removing him. 

With the Beijing Winter Olympics coming up, Chinese authorities are doing everything possible to eradicate the virus from within its borders. There were approximately 1,300 cases reported within two-thirds of the country.




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