Chinese whistleblower claims first COVID-19 outbreak was intentional and happened in October 2019

A Chinese whistleblower with previous ties to the Chinese Community Party (CCP) claims the first COVID-19 outbreak was intentional. According to whistleblower Wei Jingsheng, athletes at the World Military Games in Wuhan were intentionally infected during the event in October of 2019. The claim aligns with reports of numerous athletes leaving the games with an unknown illness.

“I thought the Chinese government would take this opportunity to spread the virus during the Military Games, as many foreigners would show up there,” Jingsheng told Sky News. In 1997, he was exiled to the US and continues to advocate for freedom in China through his maintained connections to the CCP.

Jingsheng went on to suggest the CCP deployed COVID-19 as a biological weapon. “(I knew) of the possibility of the Chinese government using some strange weapons, including biological weapons, because I knew they were doing experiments of that sort,” he said.

Former Principal China Adviser to the US State Department Miles Yu supports Jingsheng’s claims and corroborates the illness of America, French, and German athletes after the games. Reports of COVID-19 cases as early as December of 2019 or prior have also been linked to the whistleblower’s timeline.

Two months after the World Military Games, the CCP internationally announced its debut COVID-19 episode. In the following months, the virus traveled throughout the world, leading to the implementation of mitigation policies such as travel bans and mask mandates. Nearly a year later, COVID-19 vaccines were developed and deployed. 

The origin of the virus is still in question, despite numerous independent and partisan investigations and research into the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), a lab near the emergence of COVID-19 which conducted related studies. The United State’s National Institutes of Health, of which Dr. Anthony Fauci works, funded the WIV and continues to do so today.




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