France’s Macron promises ‘robust’ EU response to possible migration wave out of Afghanistan

French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday warned of a possible surge in migration out of Afghanistan into Europe in the wake of the Taliban takeover and promised that the European Union would come up with a “robust” plan to “protect ourselves” from the wave.

“We must anticipate and protect ourselves against significant irregular migratory flows that would endanger the migrants and risk encouraging trafficking of all kinds,” Macron said in a televised address, according to France 24. Macron spoke as European leaders hurried to respond to the rapid takeover of Afghanistan, including Kabul, ahead of the planned U.S. withdrawal on Aug 31. It has raised fears that a new migration wave could soon hit the region.

Macron said France, along with other European partners, will work on a “robust, coordinated and united response” to any new influx of migrants from Afghanistan. He said it would involve “an effort of solidarity, the harmonization of protection criteria and cooperation with transit countries” that Afghan migrants might travel through, such as Turkey. “Europe cannot alone assume the consequences,” Macron said.

Macron, who faces a presidential election next year and a right-wing challenge from nationalist leader Marine Le Pen, noted that almost 800 Afghans had already been taken to French territory, France 24 reported. Greece also expressed concern and their country’s migration minister called for a strong response from the European Union.

“We are clearly saying that we will not and cannot be the gateway for Europe for the refugees and migrants who could try to come to the European Union,” Migration Minister Notis Mitarachi said, according to Reuters.



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