After addressing nation on Afghanistan turmoil, Biden immediately returned to Camp David

President Joe Biden returned to Camp David after he addressed the nation on the crisis unfolding in Afghanistan

On Monday, Biden returned to the White House while being away at Camp David after receiving pressure from Republicans and Democrats to speak out about the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan amid U.S. troop withdrawal. After speaking for approximately twenty minutes, Biden left without taking any questions from reporters. The White House then announced that Biden would return promptly to Camp David.

Tim Graham from the Media Research Center tweeted “If Biden wasn’t going to take questions, why leave Camp David?” Former acting Acting Director of the United States National Intelligence Ric Grenell also slammed the decision tweeting “He could have delivered his monologue from Camp David.” “Joe Biden is now heading back to Camp David for his nap. I would like to be kidding but I’m not. The world is on fire and he’s heading back to his vacation,” conservative writer Carmine Sabia wrote.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan defended Biden’s decision for a rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan and his stay at Camp David. Sullivan said staying longer would not have changed the overall outcome but was vague about when the nation might hear from its commander in chief.

“They can expect to hear from the president soon. He’s right now actively engaged with his national security team,” he told Good Morning America. “He is working the situation hard. He is focused on ensuring the mission which is to secure that airport and continue these evacuations that that mission continues and brought to a positive conclusion. He’s deeply engaged on it.” He continued: “At the right point he will address the American people.” After Sullivan’s appearance, the White House pushed out updated guidance announcing the president would return to Washington. 



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