Simone Biles says she is ‘very much pro-choice’ as ‘someone who was in the foster care system’

In an Instagram story post, Olympic gymnast Simone Biles revealed that she is “very much pro-choice.”

On Monday, Biles asked her Instagram followers to submit their “unpopular opinions” so she could give her opinions. While answers ranged from ketchup to Beyoncé, one user wrote, “abortion is wrong.” In a lengthy response, Biles shared her view: “I already know this is going to start the biggest argument and may even lose followers BUT. I’m very much pro-choice. Your body. Your choice.” She continued, saying, “Also for everyone [who’s] gonna say ‘just put it up for adoption,’ it’s not that easy and coming from someone who was in the foster care system TRUST me.”

Biles continued, saying, “[The] foster care system is broken and it’s TOUGH. Especially on the kids and young adults who age out and adoption is expensive … I’m just saying.” The closing line on her post read, “and don’t even come at me if you couldn’t keep a mask on or refused to wear one” (People).

Biles was born to a mother addicted to alcohol and drugs, and at the age of 3, she was placed in foster care until she and her sister could be adopted by their maternal grandfather, Ron, and his wife, Nellie. The couple enrolled her in a gymnastics class when she was 6. The seven-time Olympic medalist considers Ron and Nellie her parents, and notes she would not be where she is without them.

“[They] support me in any way possible. My parents make sure we have everything we need so that we compete to the best of our abilities.” In 2017, Biles opened up on the difficulty she faced in the foster system prior to her adoption. “I was so young, I didn’t quite understand what was going on, but I recall some of the kids coming to the foster home with only the clothes on their back and a backpack. It’s hard going into the system with hardly anything, because even though foster parents may receive a stipend, sometimes it’s not enough to cover all the necessities.”

As Biles predicted, she received criticism for her pro-choice stance. She defended herself against a now deleted tweet: “DO NOT misconstrue my words…I did NOT say I support to abort rather than to put them through the foster care system. What I did imply is that you should not control someone [else’s] body/decision.”

The New York Times reported back in May that the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that has the potential to overturn Roe v. Wade. Overturning the 1973 ruling would grant states the right to regulate abortion access, including restricting the practice altogether.


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