Majority of New Yorkers say that Gov. Cuomo should resign or be impeached, poll finds

The majority of New Yorkers want Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo out of office, according to a Marist poll released Wednesday, dampening his prospect of re-election.

Wednesday’s poll showed 59%, or nearly 6 in 10, New Yorkers are calling for the governor to resign, or that he should be impeached if he does not step down after state Attorney General Letitia A. James released a 168-page report Tuesday concluding a five-month probe that found the governor sexually harassed at least 11 women, breaking state and federal laws. The report detailed numerous accounts of Cuomo engaging former and current state employees in jarring gropes, hugs, kisses and increasingly suggestive sexual comments.

Only 11% of New Yorkers, and 12% of registered voters think Cuomo should be re-elected, according to the poll. A large majority of state residents, or 78%, agree it’s time for someone else to serve as governor of New York. About 36% of registered voters statewide thought Cuomo should be re-elected in Marist’s last poll about Cuomo’s favorability in late February.

“The court of public opinion believes the allegations against Gov. Cuomo warrant his removal from office,” Marist Poll Director Lee M. Miringoff said. “If he does not resign, nearly six in 10 New Yorkers believe he should be impeached. Even if he survives this scandal, his re-election prospects are rock bottom with even his Democratic base deserting him.”

About 52% of registered Democrats want Cuomo, a Democrat, to leave office and if not, 48% are confident the state Legislature should vote to impeach him. Only 18% of Democrats, 8% of those not enrolled in a party, and 5% of Republicans think Cuomo deserves to be re-elected.

Upstate 77% of Republicans and 66% of people are calling for the governor’s resignation, while 80% of state Republicans and 63% upstate think he should be impeached if he does not leave office, according to the poll. Cuomo’s office has declined to comment on this poll. 



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