Sen. Tim Scott launches 2022 reelection bid, saying he’s ready to ‘take back the Senate Majority’

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, a rising member of the GOP, launched his reelection campaign Monday.

“I have never been more optimistic about the future of America and the limitless potential of the next generation,” Scott said as he kicked off his 2022 reelection bid at a rally in his hometown of North Charleston, S.C. “After four years of proven Republican leadership from the White House and congress, we were able to accomplish record-low unemployment rates, peace in the Middle East, historic and permanent funding for HBCUs, and a skyrocketing economy — all while bringing millions of Americans out of poverty,” Scott emphasized in an accompanying statement. 

Acknowledging Donald Trump, Scott added, “It has been an honor to represent South Carolina and work alongside President Trump on these issues. And with the Palmetto State’s blessing, I look forward to holding the current administration accountable and continuing the fight in Washington.” Topping his speech, the senator described Trump’s accomplishments during his tenure in the White House as “the good old days” and highlighted that “sometimes you’ve got to go back to the future, and that’s a future I want to go back to.” 

Sen. Tim Scott Tweeted the following after a rally with his supporters “A fantastic way to start our campaign launch day: rallying with supporters here in my hometown of North Charleston. The Lowcountry is fired up to keep South Carolina RED and take back the Senate Majority in 2022!”



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