REPORT: Prosecutors gave Trump Org. lawyers until Monday to convince them not to file criminal charges

Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, is looking to file criminal charges against Trump Organization due to the alleged fringe benefits that high level employees received.

The lawyer for the Trump Organization, Ron Fischetti, told the Associated Press that after a two year investigation into former president Donald Trump’s business dealings, a grand jury will be voting on an indictment in the next few days. At the moment, they are not looking to charge the former President but that has not been ruled out in the long run.

The New York Attorney General, Leticia Jones, apparently also has a stake in the case, as she assigned two of her lawyers to the case to assist the Manhattan DA. Cy Vance and his office have declined to comment anywhere, and so has Leticia Jones and her office. A major issue in the case is with Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer. He allegedly received fringe benefits for his work, which included access to apartments, cars, tuition payments and more for himself and his family.

The investigation is looking to see if any other executives in the Trump Organization received similar benefits. Fischetti claimed that he has never seen a case like this or any entity come after a business over the presence of fringe benefits. He argued that the IRS doesn’t conduct cases like this, even into companies that helped cause major financial crises. Vance is believed to make a decision soon, but more than likely will try to have the case finalized before his term is up in January since he is not running to be reelected. 




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