National guard threatens to cancel training and exercises if not reimbursed for $521 million Capitol deployment

The half-billion-dollar National Guard price tag to man the U.S. Capitol for more than five months following the Jan. 6 riot has depleted the Guard’s funds and will affect readiness if Congress does not act, National Guard Bureau Chief Gen. Daniel Hokanson said Wednesday.

Hokanson told Pentagon reporters, “It’s critical for us to get it this year because the funding will be required for us to complete not only our drills but all operations and training, we have scheduled. It will have a very significant impact on National Guard readiness.” In 2020, the national guard have been deployed to help with hurricanes, control protests, fight wildfires and assist on overseas missions, but there biggest most expensive mission was to protect the U.S. capital, including providing security for the presidential inauguration and the much-criticized militarization of the U.S. Capitol grounds with razor wire and 7-foot non-scalable fences.

The report explains that the National Guard footed the bill for their deployment to the U.S. Capitol, and now, if they don’t get reimbursement from the federal government, the Guard will have to cancel planned training and exercises in August and September. “If we are not able to cover that [bill] right now, the Army Guard is basically in a situation where they are concerned about their ability to pay for training for the rest of this year,” Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said.


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