Chemicals known to cause blood cancer found in popular sunscreens, new study finds

A recent study found numerous sunscreen products containing traces of carcinogens. 78 of the 300 tested products contained the chemical Benzene.

Benzene is known to contribute to the development of blood cancer and can be found in cigarettes, gasoline, glues, and cleaning products. The study was conducted by Valisure, an online lab, and pharmacy. Valisure reported that all of the sample products that “contained [Benzene] up to three times the conditionally restricted FDA concentration limit of 2 parts per million.”

“Valisure’s core mission is to independently check the chemical composition of medications and healthcare products before they reach consumers and deliver that transparency throughout the supply chain as a differentiating partner for quality.” According to Valisure, “The FDA has clearly determined that benzene should not be used in standard pharmaceutical production at all because of its unacceptable toxicity; however, there currently does not exist any established exposure limit for benzene.

The 2ppm concentration limit only applies in special circumstances, which do not include sunscreen manufacturing.” Brands included in the study to contain traces of Benzene include Neutrogena, CVS Health, Fruit of the Earth, Banana Boat, and Aveeno. It should be noted that the chemicals varied between brands and product batches. The organization has started a petition asking the FDA to recall the contaminated batches.


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