REPORT: Restaurants nationwide raise prices amid rising costs, labor shortage

Due to the rapidly climbing prices of goods, restaurants are now being forced to drive up the products of their food, according to the head of the NYC Hospitality Alliance trade group.

The issue is becoming increasingly worse in New York, where for the first time in over a year they are completely opening up. That means that all restaurants are opening at the same time, and the suppliers that were before only making so much of a certain product are now having to cater to the masses, and they’re having a hard time keeping up. To add to that issue there is also a nationwide shortage of chicken, beef, and workers.

Andrew Rigie, head of the New York City Hospitality Alliance trade group said on the subject “It’s a perfect storm,” referring to how all the issues are coming together to make it difficult for restauranteurs. “We have food prices going up, the labor crunch pushing wage and benefit costs up and on top of that, the extraordinarily trying past 15 months due to the pandemic,” he added. Many restaurants have high hopes in the liquor business due the the fact that people have been drinking more in recent years. This drives up the prices of checks and allows for restaurants to make more money.


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