BREAKING: Oklahoma bans vaccine passports and mask mandates for all schools and colleges

On Friday, Governor Kevin Stitt enacted an executive order which bans state agencies from implementing mask mandates or vaccine requirements for people entering state agency buildings. This order officially goes into effect on Tuesday (June 1st).

The order states that “all buildings and office space, owned or leased by the State of Oklahoma and open to the public shall rescind any mandate for the wearing of masks in order to receive government services … all state agencies are hereby prohibited from requiring a vaccination against COVID-19 as a condition of admittance to any public building.” However, Governor Kevin Stitt did clarify that the order will “not apply to employees and buildings of state agencies primarily involved in medical patient-facing activities including research participant areas and facilities where patient care is the primary function.” Gov. Stitt also signed into law a state bill which will prohibit state schools and colleges from requiring mask mandates or vaccination requirements.

Governor Stitt added that “It is time to return to normal, the standard for normal is freedom.” He also included that “Every Oklahoman must have access to all government services whether or not they choose to be vaccinated or wear a mask.” The governor tweeted the following statement “Taking the COVID-19 vaccine is a personal choice. I’ve signed SB 658, to ensure that students can go to school without that choice being made for them. This bill also prevents schools from requiring vaccine passports or masks for unvaccinated students.”


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