Moving All-Star game out of Georgia projected to cost Atlanta more than $100 million in lost revenue

The MLB’s decision to move the All-star game out of Georgia is estimated to cost Cobb County more than $100 million in lost revenue.

On Monday, Jobs Creators Network CEO Alfredo Ortiz was on Fox News discussing the MLB’s decision to move the All-star game out of Atlanta. Ortiz discussed that the economic damages from the move are another blow to the city’s economy following the Coronavirus pandemic. “[Georgia] is barely making it out of this pandemic,” Ortiz said. “And now they’re faced, under the Biden administration, with potentially higher taxes, a higher minimum wage, more red tape and regulations, and now this.” The economic benefit of the game, according to Ortiz, was a great opportunity for small businesses, particularly minority-owned businesses, to recover revenue lost throughout the past year. The revenue was a much-needed break for a city that’s been struggling from the pandemic.

Ortiz also added that the political pressure for the MLB to pull the game out of Atlanta was due to “misrepresentation” and an “outright lie” regarding the recent voting law passed in Georgia. “The bottom line is that the law, it just makes it easier to vote and harder to cheat,” Ortiz said. The new voting law has expanded the time for early voting ensuring that polling places stayed open for at least eight hours a day. Ortiz criticized corporations and CEOs for perpetuating the “myth” that led to the MLB pullout. Ortiz stated, “I expect that out of politicians and political talking heads and operatives, like Joe Biden or Stacy Abrams, but I just don’t expect that out of our CEOs or corporations that I think should be held to a higher standard and need to be held accountable.”

President Biden has faced fierce criticism in his praise of the Georgia boycott. “It’s reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new Jim Crow laws are just antithetical to who we are,” Biden said. The former MLB commissioner Fay Vincent has also criticized the MLB’s decision to move the All-star game. In a Wallstreet Journal op-ed written on Monday, Vincent wrote about the hypocrisy of the MLB to move out of Georgia but still do business with China despite the country’s human rights abuses. “What is the basis for acting so forcefully against Georgia? If Georgia is racist, how can baseball talk of doing business with China?” Vincent wrote. Vincent also pointed out the economic impact in his article stating, “The only people hurt by Manfred’s decision will be Atlanta’s stadium workers and local vendors.”





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