Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says Newsom recall not a Republican-led effort

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently gave his thoughts on the Democrats’ claim that the recall efforts of Governor Gavin Newson is an effort put together by Republicans. 

Schwarzenegger spoke to Politico saying, “This is the crazy thing here, when they say it’s a ‘power grab’ of the Republicans. Let me tell you, the [California] Republicans couldn’t even get anyone elected. It’s ludicrous – the Republican Party doesn’t exist. These are the signatures of the ordinary folks that have signed on,” He continued by saying “People are dissatisfied. [The recall is] the people’s way of kind of letting off some steam, and then they decide: Do we want to follow through, or not follow through?” he continued.

The drive to recall Governor Newsom started at the beginning of 2020 just before Newsom started to impose closures due to Covid-19 but how he handled his state during the pandemic has caused a large spark in the efforts of his recall.  USA Today reported a statement back in March of 2020 by the recall senior advisor Randy Economy, stating “He (Newsom) mismanaged this from day one, “It’s his draconian policies. He’s locked 40 million of us under house arrest for nearly a year. And it was his way or the highway.” 

Governor Newsom put strict state guidelines on his community starting in March of 2020 by saying wear your mask, stay 6ft apart, and stay home! While he had his state on lockdown, he and his wife attended a dinner with 10 others at an upscale restaurant called French Laundry in Napa. This dinner was with lobbyists and others from numerous different households. They were all sitting close together and all without masks. It wasn’t long after this information was leaked that Newsom made a public apology stating he “made a bad mistake,” and continued by saying this gathering was located outdoors. “Within days, photos emerged showing the group in a room that was enclosed on three sides with a sliding glass door on the other, maybe meeting the technical definition of outdoors, but perhaps not the spirit,” a quote from an apnew.com article. 

A video was made viral when an LA restaurant owner was forced to shut down her business and she spotted an outdoor dining area set up next to her parking lot for a film shoot. During this heart wrenching video a desperate business owner was seen pleading for help and blaming Newsom for all the jobs that had been lost. She later went on to interview with Fox News, saying “it was shameful and disgraceful that instead of looking at the devastation and the pain that he has caused by his mismanagement that he wants to blame it on race or anything other than his own umm bad choices and mistakes,” She went on to debunk his theory of him being targeted by republicans by saying that 52% of the signatures for recall in la county were democrats and only 17% of the signatures for the recall were republican.

According to sos.ca.gov there have been 179 recall attempts since 1913 in the state of CA. Only ten efforts collected enough signatures to qualify and of those 10 there have been only 6 instances where the recall went through. As of right now there are over 2 million signatures to have Governor Newsom recalled but it is still too early to tell how safe or unsafe Newsom’s title as governor is. 





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