REPORT: White House corrects error President Biden made during Thursday’s news conference

Reportedly, the White House corrected an error President Biden made during his speech this past Thursday’s news conference. 

During President Biden’s speech given at Thursday’s press conference, he mixed up the names of Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani and the controversial former head of Pakistan’s military, reported by fox news. “-And General Austin is – just met with Kayani and I’m waiting for the briefing on that,” Biden said during his first press conference. 

Joe Biden waited longer than any other president in over 100 years to hold their first press conference after being sworn in as the President of the United States of America. “The president’s long-awaited appearance could be one of the most analyzed given all the talk leading up to it,” CBN News speculates.  They continued by saying “Biden’s press conference is being seen as a test of this ability to think on his feet under pressure – a test that some claim Biden has purposely avoided,” CBN News speculates.  

On the 64th day of Joe Biden’s presidency the long awaited day finally came. It seems as though there are several different opinions on how people feel the press conference went.  Lee Carter, a pollster reported to Fox news that Democrats gave him a B, Independents a D, and republicans an F. Carter continued by saying that democrats were mostly willing to give him a pass because they do not view him as dangerous,. Carter said Independents were concerned after watching the press conference because they doubted his ability to actually fix anything.  Carter ended that topic by saying republicans were appalled by what they saw. 

Joe Biden did mix up the name of Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani but the official White House transcript doesn’t record this mistake. The briefing now says “Ghani” instead of Kayani, reports CBN News. This error was not the only reason for such large backlash from independents and conservatives alike. For example, the U.S. Sun reports “Confused Joe Biden completely forgot that he was talking about a mumble incoherently at the camera,” The Daily Wire reported how Biden appeared to only call on preselected reporters that were very friendly, from a sheet that was used at the podium. Former President Donald Trump called the press conference ridiculous during an interview on Fox News. He went on to say the reporters gave Biden soft ball questions and said he noticed the White House Correspondent for Fox News,  Peter Doocy didn’t get to ask a question during the conference. 

Registered Democrat Chris Wallace said on Fox News he was “struck by the fact that it seemed on every foreign policy question, not the others, but on foreign policy, he went to his briefing book like Jen Psaki does sometimes in the briefing and was reading obviously White House guidance, white house talking points.” Meanwhile, Pollster Carter told Fox News that Biden ruined his campaign message about trying to unite the country. Carter explained by saying Biden made remarks about not knowing if there was a republican party and he was dismissive of Donald Trump by laughing at him. He was referring to when Biden was asked by a reporter “Do you believe you’ll be running against former president Trump”, Biden responded “ Oh, come on. I don’t even think about it, I don’t. I have no idea. I have no idea whether they’ll be a republican party.





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