Chinese virologist Shi Zhemgli warns new covid variants may keep emerging 

According to the South China Morning Post, Chinese virologist Shi Zhengli, also known as “the bat woman,” said that “as the number of infected cases has just become too big, this allowed the novel coronavirus more opportunities to mutate and select. New variants will continue to emerge.”

According to the World Health Organization, the Delta variant was first detected in India. The strain has appeared in at least 98 other countries and regions. It continues to mutate and evolve. The Global Times reported the Shi told the media on Wednesday “We shouldn’t panic, but we need to prepare to co-exist with the virus in the long term.”

“Prevent gatherings, practice social distancing, wear masks and wash hands frequently,” She Zhengli says. Shi said she had spoken with patients that had been infected with the virus even after the vaccination. She said although the vaccines, cannot prevent infection, they are still effective in preventing critical disease. She emphasized that people should get vaccinated as soon as possible and called for accelerated research and development on mucosal vaccines to prevent infections through the mouth or nasal passage as well as drugs to treat Covid-19. 

There was a leaked report from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) where their researchers said the Delta variant was so different than the initial stain that it was time to “acknowledge the war has changed.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and myriad medical and public health professionals at the local, state, federal and international level — have said wearing a mask is a useful way to limit the spread of the coronavirus, including the super-contagious delta variant that is causing cases to spike in Kentucky and across the nation.

Doctor and Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul has made headlines due to his push back on Dr. Fauci. Rand Paul recently did an interview with Greg Dunker and said “the Delta variant appears to be more contagious but it doesn’t seem to be as deadly.

He did express concern for people who are over 65 or 40 and overweight stating “If you’re over 65, I think the vaccine is worth taking and has less side effects than the disease. The disease is much more dangerous than the vaccine over 65. The same goes for is your 40 and overweight.” Rand Paul continued by saying “The good news is that it looks like the hospitalization and death rate are much less for this variant.”



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