FBI launches official in-depth investigation into New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

The FBI is looking into an in-depth investigation on Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) over the recent sexual harassment allegations that have surfaced oer the past month.

On Friday, the New York Times reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the validity of the many allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York. They report that they intend to verify all allegations of sexual misconduct, as well as the specifics of the Governor’s questionable nursing home policies. The New York Times reports, “Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation have contacted lawyers for Mr. Cuomo’s aides, interviewed senior officials from the state Health Department and subpoenaed Mr. Cuomo’s office for documents related to the disclosure of data last year, the people said. The interviews have included questions about information New York State submitted last year to the Justice Department, which had asked the state for data on Covid-19 cases and deaths in nursing homes, according to the people. False statements in such a submission could constitute a crime.”

Cuomo landed in hot water last month when State Attorney Letita James released insight into the actual number of nursing home deaths, which could be around 50% higher than we were led to believe originally. Just weeks later, the New York Post reported on a private conference call between Cuomo’s number one aide, Melissa DeRosa and top New York Democratic lawmakers. The Post says that DeRosa privately apologized to lawmakers for lying about the actual nursing home death toll, claiming she and others at the top were fearful of federal prosecutors coming after Cuomo’s administration.

According to the New York Times, DeRosa and others involved had altered reports going back as far as June of last year. The New York Times furthered their report, citing that the Bureau went to nursing homes across the state of New York to gather information over the past year. Many officials conducted such research over the phone, as well. The New York Times adds, “Federal investigators also started questioning state officials this month about a provision in last year’s state budget that gave legal protections to hospitals and nursing homes during the pandemic. Investigators’ questions about the nursing home provision were first reported by The City, a local nonprofit newsroom.”

The New York Times, in a separate report, adds, “The scandal that has engulfed the governor, leading most of the state’s Democratic leaders to call for his resignation, began with the accounts of two former employees, Lindsey Boylan, a former economic development official, and Charlotte Bennett, an executive assistant and senior briefer.” What’s more, another accuser has come out alleging Cuomo of sexual misconduct on Friday. The Daily Wire reports on this, citing the accuser who alleges a “pattern of the governor mixing flirtatious banter with more personal comments, as well as a subtle and persistent cultivation of competitive relationships between female co-workers in his office.”





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