Livestream with President Biden and Dems abruptly cut off after Biden opened himself to questions

A livestream meeting with President Biden and House Dems on Wednesday was abruptly cut off after Biden opened himself to questions.

Earlier this week, Joe Biden and House Democrats held a live meeting to discuss the covid relief package. After thanking everyone in the meeting, Biden said he was happy to take questions from them and waited for Speaker Pelosi’s suggestion. At that moment, the live feed was cut and replaced by a White House symbol. According to the White House, the Q&A was never meant to be open press and was solely to be held amongst the representatives. “The remarks were the only part of the meeting that were planned as open press,” a White House official said, which means it’s not for public eyes.

Biden did answer a few questions after the feed cut, but only questions from the representatives. Unfortunately, no reporters were present to cover anything. Part of the reason that so many had hoped to hear the Q&A is because so far, the President has been considerably quiet to the media. Jen Psaki as Press Secretary has held conferences with reporters but many Americans want to hear from Biden, who has gone more than 40 days into his presidency without an official solo press conference. Biden’s predecessors had all held a press conference within the first 33 days of presidency.

When asked about Biden’s lack of appearances in the media, Jen Psaki said that the President actually has been answering the questions of reporters, but just the ones who are assigned to the White House. With mounting criticism about Biden’s small media presence it’s assumed that the White House looks forward to an opportunity to change that. Jen Psaki’s full response was, “We look forward to holding a full formal press conference, but in the meantime the President takes questions from the reporters covering the White House regularly, including this morning…And his focus day in and day out is on getting the pandemic under control and putting people back to work. That’s what people elected him to do.”




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