Paris court finds France guilty of failing to meet their own Paris climate accord commitments

Four NGOs have won a lawsuit against France. France was guilty of inactivity and failure to meet their own Paris climate accord commitments.

The Administrative Tribunal in Paris ruled in favor of the four environmental organizations, making it clear that France fell short in its commitment to reduce greenhouse gases as stated in its 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. The ruling also stated that France was, “responsible for ecological damage.” The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement entailed it’s commitment to reduce greenhouse emissions by 40% compared to 1990 levels by 2030. Last year however, France decided to “Defer” the commitment per CBS News. 

The court rejected the claim for damages by the NGOs and instead ordered the government to pay a symbolic euro instead. The court will also take two months to decide whether the government must take further action to compensate for their failure to reach their goals. Oxfam France’s Cécile Duflot, a NGO leader involved in the lawsuit, called the outcome “a historic victory for climate justice.” This organization was joined by Greenpeace and two other organizations. They denounced the French government and circulated a petition that collected over 2 million signatures. 

French president Emmanuel Macron promised to make climate change one of his top priorities in office but has failed to uphold his own promises. The U.S was initially in the agreement during the Obama administration but the commitment was reversed under former president Trump. President Biden has rejoined the Paris agreement, according to the official statement.




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