Epic Games, the creator of massively popular video game Fortnite, to sue both Apple and Google



Epic Games, the creator of massively popular video game Fortnite, is suing both Apple and Google, according to CNN. ~

The tech giants took the game, which has hundreds of millions of registered players, off of their app stores on Thursday. The companies in charge of the Google Play and app stores said they removed the game because the developer Epic Games violated their guidelines by announcing a way for players to buy in-game currency without using Apple and Google’s payment systems. The disagreement began on Thursday when Epic Games announced that they will offer a permanent 20% discount on Fortnite’s in-game currency if purchased directly from Epic, without going through Apple or Google. Epic explained the decision in a blog post. “Currently, when using Apple and Google payment options, Apple and Google collect a 30% fee, and the up to 20% price drop does not apply.” The company added, “If Apple or Google lower their fees on payments in the future, Epic will pass along the savings to you.” This led to Fortnite being removed from the app store and the lawsuit quickly followed. ~

Epic’s lawsuit alleges that Apple has become a “behemoth seeking to control markets, block competition and stifle innovation”, according to cnet. “Apple is bigger, more powerful, more entrenched and more pernicious than monopolies of yesteryear,” Epic says in the suit. “Apple’s size and reach far exceeds that of any technology monopolist in history.” In the lawsuit against Google, Epic accuses them of abandoning its idealistic roots and says Android’s claim that it’s an open ecosystem is a “broken promise.” Google did not comment on the lawsuit. ~

Apple claims that the violated guidelines apply equally to every developer and that are designed to keep the store safe. “As a result their Fortnite app has been removed from the store,” Apple said in a statement, adding that it’ll work with Epic to resolve the issue. “Epic enabled a feature in its app which was not reviewed or approved by Apple, and they did so with the express intent of violating the App Store guidelines regarding in-app payments that apply to every developer who sells digital goods or services.” ~


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