The NBA will look to be the first major sports association in the US to begin play in July


The NBA will look to be the first major sports association in the United States to begin competitive events in July, nearly five months after President Trump declared a national emergency in March in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. It has been three months since the suspension of basketball and the NBA has finally declared that the 2020 season will aim to resume on July 30th. The season will be played in Orlando at a neutral site on the Disney World campus with only 22 of the 30 teams participating. Only the teams with a chance to secure a spot in the playoffs will be playing which will include 9 teams from the Eastern Conference and 13 teams from the Western Conference. More games will be played each day at abnormal times to achieve an end to the regular season and a quick transition into the NBA playoffs. ~

After multiple NBA players contracted the COVID 19 virus, the 2020 NBA season was indefinitely suspended on March 11. Players from 7 different teams tested positive for the virus, causing an immediate suspension of play. With multiple players contracting the virus, many were anticipating the cancellation of the 2020 season in all, but after a dead period, the NBA has finally managed to find a safe way for players to return to basketball. Though the NBA is taking the first steps, they are still being very cautious. Each player will be tested multiple times a week and stay in quarantine for as long as their team is still playing in Orlando. Moreover, players will receive no disciplinary actions for not participating and staying at home (Sports Illustrated). ~

The NBA, being the first major sporting league to begin play, will play a major role in how professional and collegiate sports will be played in the foreseeable future. With the NBA being the first major sports league to host fanless games, conduct frequent COVID 19 testing on players, and initiate other types of restrictions for their teams and players, sports leagues such as the NFL, MLB, and MLS will likely look to the NBA for guidance. The NBA season is highly anticipated by not only fans but other onlookers who hope to begin transitioning into normalcy as well. ~

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