Major League Baseball is seeking to find a way to start its season after the COVID-19 pandemic


Major League Baseball is seeking to find a way to start its baseball season after the COVID-19 pandemic has kept teams off the field for over two months. Opening Day for major league baseball was supposed to occur on March 26th, 2020, but has still yet to happen. Many options have been presented, but nothing has been decided yet. Pay cuts for players, coaches, and other staff have been brought up, but many of the teams and players have openly opposed that idea. Other ideas like the elimination of crowds and playing the entire season at a neutral site have been heavily debated. If the goal of the MLB is to play an entire season, the decision must come quickly, for the season is already over two months behind schedule. ~

With COVID 19 delaying all major sporting events around the world, the MLB is not panicking alone. The NBA has suspended the rest of the 2020 season and is currently working out a way to finish up the last couple of weeks and the playoffs. While most major league sports are trying to reschedule, the NCAA made the decision to completely cancel some winter athletics and all spring seasons for 2020. While there are many options, the MLB is struggling to find a resolution. ~

As the COVID 19 pandemic continues to push back the MLB season, the league is projected to be losing billions of dollars in revenue. According to the Boston Globe, if the MLB were to pursue a shortened season, franchises would lose up to four billion dollars each in revenue. This would be due to the lack of ticket sales, merchandise that could not be sold, and other funds. The Boston Globe also reported that players could also lose up to 65% of their contract salary. Some well-known players like Max Scherzer have already declined a large pay cut. Players want to play, fans want to watch, and coaches want to coach, but the MLB has yet to find an agreeable solution amid one of the most unprecedented dilemmas in its history. ~

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