Democratic state representative Karen Whitsett credits Trump for pushing hydroxychloroquine


Democratic state representative Karen Whitsett credits Trump for pushing the anti-malaria drug that she says saved her in her battle with the coronavirus, according to Deadline Detroit. She tested positive for Covid-19 and started taking the Trump-championed anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine on March 31. The drug was prescribed by her doctor after she and her husband sought treatment for a variety of symptoms. “It was less than two hours” before she started to feel relief for symptoms of shortness of breath, swollen lymph nodes, and sinus discomfort. She reports to still be getting headaches. Whitsett claims that if Trump had not promoted the drug, she would not have known to ask for it, nor would a doctor likely have prescribed it. ~

According to The Detroit News, a group called the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party Organization will consider censuring Whitsett for ignoring the status quo and meeting with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to discuss her experience recovering from coronavirus. This would mean that she would not get the group’s endorsement for this year nor will she be able to engage in the group’s activities for the next two election cycles, according to Fox News. “At the end of the day, we have political systems,” said Jonathan Kinloch, chairman of the organization. “We have political parties, and political parties exist for a reason.” ~

Whitsett responded to the backlash she has received. “There is so much more to this story and it’s shameful, actually, of the Democratic Party,” she stated. “13 congressional leaders — Jonathan Kinloch who also works for Governor Gretchen Whitmer…and I believe this is the governor — [have] decided that [they are] going to slap me on the wrist by silencing me. And, it’s a shame that she’s doing this. It’s politics at its [worst].” She also added “In a time like this during a pandemic when she should be focusing on the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan, this is what she’s focusing on: trying to silence me,” Whitsett added. “I guess this is teaching me to be in my place and that’s not going to stop me.” ~

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