Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance” becomes the most viewed ESPN program ever 


An average of 6.1 million viewers tuned into the first two episodes of the ESPN documentary series “The Last Dance,” making it the most viewed program on the network ever, according to CNN. The series covers the story of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls and follows their quest to win six NBA championships in eight years. The first two episodes, which aired on Sunday the 19th, surpassed the previous most-viewed broadcast for the channel, the 2012 film “You Don’t Know Bo,” which captured an average viewership of 3.6 million, according to Variety. ~

The ten-part series was originally scheduled by ESPN to air in June of this year and tie it in to the NBA Finals and promote it to the large fan base that usually tunes in to that event. However, with the Coronavirus pandemic forcing sports leagues to cancel or suspend their seasons, ESPN decided to move up the program, since they have no live sports to broadcast during this time. During the pandemic, the network has been showing a schedule of classic games, studio shows and films. They aired two versions of the documentary, one containing all of the profane language used by the people interviewed for the film, and the other edited for family viewing, which aired on ESPN2. The docuseries will air on Sunday nights through May 17 and will also be shown on Netflix (NFLX) outside of the US. ~

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