Elizabeth Warren has announced Sunday that she plans on releasing a plan in coming weeks that outlines how she plans to finance “Medicare for All”

Senator from Massachusetts and Democratic front-runner for President Elizabeth Warren announced Sunday that she plans on releasing a plan in coming weeks that outlines how she will finance “Medicare for All”. According to The New York Times, Warren, who has gained popularity and recognition for her plethora of plans on a wide array of subject matters, has faced much criticism for her lack of one regarding a single-payer healthcare system. Specifically, many Democratic rivals have criticized her inability to answer whether her Medicare for All plan would raise taxes for the middle class. ~

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been steadily rising in the Democratic Primary race, and, according to the latest poll from RealClearPolitics regarding national polling average, has cut former Vice President Joe Biden’s national lead to just 1.7 percent. Many Democrats have deemed this success to the presence of lengthy, detailed plans on prominent national matters, such as her plan to create a wealth tax on America’s rich to finance expensive policy such as student debt cancellation and universal child care and pre-k. This explanatory detail, however, has not been reciprocated towards her plans for Medicare for All and whether this policy would raise middle class taxes. According to The New York Times, Senator Warren has “for weeks sidestepped questions about raising taxes, no matter who was asking and when.” Many of her critics have pondered the effects Warren’s lack of explanation of Medicare for All may have on her long term success due to the policy being directly aligned with that of Senator Bernie Sanders, who has openly discussed how his plan would be financed through higher middle class taxes. ~

Senator Bernie Sanders, who Mrs. Warren has locked arms with in regards to healthcare, has outlined a healthcare system that would cancel all insurance premiums and almost all out-of-pocket costs, but would be compensated through a payroll tax that would have a big affect on many middle-class American citizens. Mrs. Warren, however, has stated that in her healthcare plan, “costs would go up for wealthy people and big corporations, but would go down for middle-class families.” ~

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