U.S. officials claim that a cyberattack has become one of the most appealing tactics to punish Iran

According to The New York Times, U.S. officials have made it clear that a cyberattack has become one of the most appealing tactics to punish Iran for their attack on Saudi oil facilities this month. In the event of an American cyberattack against Iran, the Pentagon is considering specific targets – such as attempting to shut down Iranian oil fields and refineries – as well as other “proportionate responses.” The President’s administration is reportedly searching for options that “would deter Tehran from further strikes but avoid creating more conflict in the region.” ~

These possible cyberattacks come amid escalating tensions between the Iranian government and the United States. According to a previous Fact Based America article, Iranian attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities on September 23 destroyed more than five percent of the global oil supply, and halted the export of more than half of Saudi Arabia’s daily oil outputs. The President quickly responded to these attacks with intensified sanctions and ordered the deployment of troops in the region. As a cyberattack becomes a greater possibility as a means of further punishment for the Iranian government, the United States Cyber Command may face its most critical test in upcoming weeks. According to The New York Times, the Cyber Command has been developed by the United States military, whom has spent “billions of dollars to assemble the world’s most potent arsenal of cyberweapons and plant them in networks around the world.” ~

Although a cyberattack is a very realistic option for the Trump administration to punish Iran, it is still not confirmed that the United States will be carrying out such an attack at all. “The president talked about our use of those previously, but I’m certainly not going to forecast what we’ll do as we move forward,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” when asked about the usage of cyberattacks as a non-escalatory response to the Saudi oil attack. “This was Iran true and true, and the United States will respond in a way that reflects that act of war by this Iranian revolutionary regime.” ~

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