Democrats to widen impeachment inquiry on Donald Trump with four month itinerary of hearings and court arguments set to shine light on possible corruption and abuse of power by the President

According to The New York Times, House Democrats returning to congress this week will begin an impeachment inquiry on President Trump that will investigate beyond the bounds of the Mueller Report on Russian interference in the 2016 election. House Democrats, with support from congressional aides, have sketched out a four month itinerary of congressional hearings and court arguments which the left hopes will shine credible light on the corruption and abuse of power they have accused President Trump and his administration of taking part in. ~

The Mueller Report, which was based on an investigation carried out by former special counsel Robert Mueller, was an investigation inquiring about Russian interference with the 2016 Presidential election, President Trump’s ties to Russian conspiracy, and allegations of obstruction of justice against Mr. Trump. The report, which failed to conclusively decide whether the President conspired or coordinated with Russia, or committed acts of obstruction of justice, was re-thrust into media spotlight in July when the former Special Counsel who conducted the report testified on the matter. The seven hour testimony, however, was anti-climatic, and failed to provide Democrats with barely any increased public support for impeachment. According to The New York Times, Democrats hope to investigate a plethora of acts by the President, including investigating the President’s efforts to impede the Mueller report, his role in a pair of hush payments to women in which he accusably had affairs with, reported conversations in which the President offered pardons to certain officials who would implement his immigration policies illegally, as well as if any of his resort properties profited illegally from government business. ~

Although it remains unforeseen whether the broadened inquiry will have an affect on the public opinion of the President’s impeachment status, even some of the most vehement impeachment supporters are weary of the time constraints an impeachment vote may face. With Congress only being in session for around 40 more days, it remains unclear whether only the third impeachment vote in American history could even take place. ~

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