Tensions continue to rise in Hong Kong after salient anti-government activists were arrested in the region Thursday and Friday for participating in unapproved protests

Tensions continue to escalate between Hong Kong and China as key anti-government activists of the pro-democracy protest movement in Hong Kong were arrested Thursday and Friday for participating in protests without official approval, Yahoo News reports. Prominent figures arrested include well-known pro-democracy activist and 2014 Occupy protest leader Joshua Wong, fellow leader of 2014 Occupy protests Agnes Chow, independence advocate Andy Chan, and District Councilor Rick Hui. Police officials of the region released a statement Friday stating that more than 20 people have been arrested since Thursday, and also warned that they will not hesitate to arrest others who take part in similar actions. ~

The arrests in Hong Kong are just the latest escalation is a surge of conflict that has been rising in the Hong Kong region. Hundreds of thousands of Hong-Kong demonstrators have been protesting for an autonomous Hong Kong Democracy from Chinese rule over the last few months in response to an indefinitely suspended extradition bill that could have allowed Hong Kong citizens to be sent back to mainland China to face trial. According to The Washington Post, “Hong Kong police have deployed force, including in residential neighborhoods, and made more than 700 arrests to discourage further unrest” in response to the mostly peaceful protests, despite the recent violence by protesters at a local international airport. According to Yahoo News, the recent arrests of prominent Hong Kong activists was made possible due to a colonial statute established in the 1960s during a significant wave of deadly riots, and gives authorities the power to imprison individuals who choose to participate in unlawful assemblies for up to five years. Over 900 pro-democracy protesters have been charged since the protests began in June. ~

According to MSN, Wong and Chow were released from prison on bail Friday afternoon. When asked about the future of the movement, Wong told reporters that “We still keep on our fight and we shall not surrender.” He also added “I urge the international community to send a message to President Xi, sending troops or using emergency ordinance is not the way out.” ~

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