Top NCAA decision-makers vote unanimously Tuesday to allow players to earn compensation off of their likeness

Top decision-makers from the National Collegiate Athletic Association held a meeting in Atlanta Tuesday to hold their first discussion about rule changes regarding the current ban on college athletes making money off of their likeness, names, or images. According to NPR, the organization’s board of governors voted unanimously to allow players to earn compensation. Despite this win for college athletes, this rule is still in the early stages of being crafted and the details are still being worked out by the board. ~

The decision by the NCAA board follows a California law that was passed in September that would force schools in the state to allow student-athletes to accept compensation from advertising and allows college athletes to hire agents. The NCAA stipulates, however, that college athletes must not be treated like employees of their respective universities, and that there should be a clear distinction between collegiate and professional opportunities. ~

This decision to allow college athletes to accept compensation for their likeness is a major shift for the NCAA, which has historically been against the paying of student-athletes in order to preserve its amatuer rules. Michael Drake, the NCAA board chair who is also the president of Ohio State University, said Tuesday that “We must embrace change to provide the best possible experience for college athletes.” He also stressed the need for “additional flexibility” in the NCAA’s approach to the matter, according to CNBC. ~

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