Iran breaks limit on stockpile of low-enriched uranium set by former Iran nuclear deal

Confirmed Monday by Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran has now “exceeded its internationally-agreed stockpile limit of low 

enriched Uranium” (CNBC, 2019). The Foreign Minister claims that Iran has surpassed 300 kilograms of uranium hexafluoride, which is equal to 202.8 kilograms of low-enriched uranium, a limit that was set under the previous nuclear deal. This low-enriched Uranium limit was a key attribute to the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal that Donal Trump pulled the U.S. out of last year. ~

This report comes amid extreme tensions between the United States and Iran. In just the last few weeks, tensions have risen due to Iranian involvement in attacks on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, along with other targets in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Iran has also been responsible for the shooting down of an unmanned American drone over international waters at the Strait of Hormuz, which the U.S. responded with sanctions against Iranian leadership. These sanctions were met with fiery remarks from both Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and American President Donald Trump. ~

The exceeding of the stockpile limit of low-enriched uranium set by the former nuclear dal is just the latest of tension-rising events between Iran and the United States. According to nuclear experts, low-enriched Uranium at the level of 3.67% fissile material, a level allowed under the former deal, is the starting point for the long process of Iran possibly building a nuclear warhead. But Anne Harrington, a professor of international relations and a specialist in nuclear nonproliferation at Cardiff University in Wales, says that the report is much less frightening and threatening than it sounds. Harrington claims “Even once Iran crosses the 300kg threshold, they are still a long way off from having a stockpile sufficient to produce a bomb.” ~

This is Fact Based America – WE have the FACTS, YOU have the OPINIONS. Do you think that Iran exceeding its former low-enriched uranium limit will continue to escalate tensions between Iran and the rest of the world, more specifically tensions with the United States?

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