President Trump conducts meetings with both Chinese President Xi Jinping and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un this past weekend as the G20 Summit concludes

The first of the two meetings came on Saturday with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Osaka, Japan amid China-U.S. economic tensions. According to the Wall Street Journal, China and the U.S. agreed to resume trade talks and take a step back from the trade war. Under these agreements, President Trump stated that the U.S. will remove bans on the sale of American high-tech equipment to the Chinese company Huawei Technologies Co. and to indefinitely suspend additional tariffs on Chinese goods. In return, President Xi Jinping agreed to buy a “tremendous amount” of American agricultural products. ~

The latter meeting of the pair for President Trump occurred in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. After becoming the first sitting U.S. president to walk onto North Korean soil, President Trump then invited the North Korean leader to a building called the Freedom House on the South Korean side. There, the two leaders and their nuclear teams conducted a meeting that lasted almost an hour and emerged with a new commitment to restart nuclear talks, according to the Wall Street Journal. ~

The Group of 20, more commonly referred to as the G20, is an “international association of 19 states and the supranational European Union” (, 2019). The group meets annually to discuss world economic matters and global financial stability. The focus for the Group of 20 this year was a call for “free, fair, nondiscriminatory, transparent, and predictable” trade but did not denounce protectionism* in the post-summit communique. President Trump’s new agreement of economic friendliness with China and open negotiations with North Korea controversially fit this criteria, as the agreement with China comes amid the Trump-announced U.S. tariffs on the roughly $300 billion in goods that aren’t already covered by 25% tariffs and the nuclear negotiations with President Kim that broke down in February in Vietnam. ~

This is Fact Based America – WE have the FACTS, YOU have the OPINIONS. Do you think Trump’s meetings with President Xi Jinping of China and Kim Jong Un of North Korea will prove to have positive or negative effects on the global landscape? 

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