Former Vice President Joe Biden loses ground, Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren on the rise after first round of Democratic debates

A new poll conducted by SSRS and reported on by CNN shows former Vice President Joe Biden remaining in first in the field of democratic candidates after the first round of Democratic debates, but shrinking to only a five point lead. Senators Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) and Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), on the other hand, are reported to be on the rise after the first round of debates, with Kamala Harris moving into second and Elizabeth Warren into third among the vast field of Democratic candidates. Both Harris and Warren are polling higher than Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), who last polled in second place when a similar poll was conducted in May. ~

The poll, which was conducted in the two days following last week’s debates, shows that among registered Democratic voters, Joe Biden leads the polls with 22% of Democratic voters, a lead that is down ten points from May. Kamala Harris follows Biden with a polling of 17% of Democratic followers, an increase of nine points from May. Elizabeth Warren comes in third with 15% of democratic voters (up eight points from May), followed by Bernie Sanders at 14% (down four points), Pete Buttigeg at 4% (down one point), Cory Booker at 3% (no polling difference), Beto O’Rourke at 3% (down two points), and Amy Kobuchar at 2% (no polling difference). ~

According to The Hill, there is a growing sense among rival campaigns of Joe Biden that the former vice president’s debate performance show that he may not be a lock-in for the nomination like many once thought. This was shown on Thursday on night two of the Democratic Debates when Senator Kamala Harris directly questioned Biden’s opposition to mandated school busing as a young senator in the 1970s as well as for his comments about segregationists senators he worked with in his past. Harris’ questioning of the former Vice President and Biden’s responses to such questions are thought to be one of the leading reasons for the new shift in poll data. ~

It is unclear, however, whether the new polling numbers is just a snap reaction to the debates or an actual change in support for candidates within the Democratic field. ~

This is Fact Based America – WE have the FACTS, YOU have the OPINIONS. Who do you think won the first round of the democratic debates? Do you think any candidate will be able to surpass Joe Biden for the nomination? 

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