President Trump states Friday that he is still considering an executive order to add a disputed citizenship question to the 2020 census

According to the Wall Street Journal, Justice Department lawyers told a federal judge in Maryland that there are still options being explored by the Trump Administration on the legality of including a citizenship question on the 2020 census via executive order. The lawyers wrote in court filings that “The Departments of Justice (DOJ) and Commerce have been asked to reevaluate all available options following the Supreme Court’s decision and whether the Supreme Court’s decision would allow for a new decision to include the citizenship question on the 2020 Decennial Census.”  ~

These actions by the President Trump come in response to the Supreme Court blocking, for the time being, his administration’s plan to include a citizenship status question. The Supreme Court has sent the question back to the lower courts to be reevaluated. Chief Justice John Roberts gave a reasoning for the block of the citizenship question on the 2020 census, saying that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, the man who made the decision to add a citizenship question, did not clearly explain his reasoning for doing so. According to the Chief Justice, the lack of explanation raises questions of the legality of such an action. ~

Opponents of the citizenship question, however, say that asking citizens of their citizenship status may lead to lower official population numbers due to immigrants who are not legal citizens opting not to respond. According to Fox News, these lower population numbers could lead to insufficient federal funding and fewer congressional seats in districts with high immigrant populations, usually those who tend to lead more left than right in political voting. According to experts at the Census Bureau, an estimated undercount of 6.5 million people could occur if the citizenship question were to be included in the annual census in 2020. But supporters of the question argue that a question of citizenship status should be a mandatory question on the census because it ensures enforcement of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act which speaks about voting practices that discriminate based on race. ~

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