Florida Gov. DeSantis unveils new plan to outlaw COVID vaccine and mask requirements instate

Florida Governor and GOP 2024 hopeful Ron DeSantis made a public appearance this week alongside his state’s Surgeon General to unveil a new bill that would permanently prohibit almost all COVID-19 mandates and restrictions in the Sunshine State.

Speaking to a crowd in Panama City Beach on Tuesday, the governor revealed his new proposal that would outlaw mask requirements and COVID vaccine requirements in all Florida
schools, businesses, and state institutions.

According to DeSantis’ website, the measures would include:

● Permanently prohibiting COVID-19 vaccine passports in Florida;
● Permanently prohibiting COVID-19 vaccine and mask requirements in all Florida
● Permanently prohibiting COVID-19 masking requirements at businesses; and
● Permanently prohibiting employers from hiring or firing based on mRNA jabs.

State Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo agreed with DeSantis, saying at the event, “As a health sciences researcher and physician, I have personally witnessed accomplished scientists
receive threats due to their unorthodox positions. However, many of these positions have proven to be correct, as we’ve all seen over the past few years.”

He added, “All medical professionals should be encouraged to engage in scientific discourse without fearing for their livelihoods or their careers.”

On January 12, Florida reported 11, 536 positive COVID-19 cases a day. The New York Times COVID-19 tracker shows the current national average of daily cases is 54,015.




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