Author: Patel Chaitanya

Scientists invent magnetic slime robot

The Chinese University of Hong Kong recently created a brown, slimy, magnetic robot known as the ‘Reconfigurable Magnetic Slime Robot.’ A study about this innovation was initially published on March 2 in the peer-reviewed journal Advanced Functional Materials. According to the study, this slime-bot can access restricted spaces and provide[Read More…]

Twenty-nine-year-old Kenyan woman invents way to turn plastic waste into bricks ‘stronger than concrete’

Nzambi Matee is the 29-year-old inventor and founder of Gjenge Makers, which manufactures affordable building blocks. In 2020, the United Nations Young Champions of the Earth Program selected Matee as a regional winner. “Plastic waste is not just a Kenya problem, but it’s a worldwide problem,” Matee told World Architecture. “Here [in] Nairobi we generate[Read More…]