What to expect in Trump hush money case on Tuesday

As the world waits to see a piece of history on Tuesday when former President Donald Trump is arraigned in Manhattan on charges of fraud brought by the Manhattan District Attorney, speculation about how Tuesday’s events might unfold is rampant. Here’s what you might expect.

Trump’s arraignment hearing is scheduled for 2:15PM at the Manhattan Criminal Courts Building. Prior to this hearing, Trump is expected to turn himself over to New York officials and have his mug shot taken as well as fingerprinting and other processing. He will then be escorted to the arraignment hearing by the Secret Service, law enforcement and representatives of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. From there, he will face the judge, Juan Merchan, who has previously presided over hearings regarding charges against the Trump Organization.

The judge will read out Trump’s charges aloud. There are over 30 charges expected to be included in the indictment, which will remain sealed until the hearing. After the charges have been read, Trump will be asked to enter a plea, which is widely expected to be “not guilty,” and a trial date will be set by the judge. After the hearing, Trump will likely be released on his own recognizance, meaning he does not have to remain in custody as he awaits trial. This is typically reserved for violent crimes or flight risks. Trump may have his passport taken by the judge in order to prevent him from leaving the country. 

Trump plans to make remarks publicly about the arraignment from Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday evening after he returns from New York. According to reports, Trump has invited over 500 people to attend his speech when he returns to Florida, including some of his congressional allies. However, if the judge gives him a gag order, which would prohibit him from discussing the case with anyone but his attorneys, he may have to be wary of what he says.




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