Derailed freight train in Montana is latest in series of recent US railroad incidents

A freight train carrying beer derailed in western Montana on Sunday, sending some of its cars almost plunging into a river, but did not release any hazardous chemicals, according to officials.

The train, which was reportedly carrying mostly Blue Moon and Coors Light beer, is the latest in a disturbing trend of US freight trains derailing across the country in recent months. According to fire officials in Paradise, Montana, the train derailed around 9AM on Sunday, sending 25 cars off the track and some dangling into a river. Officials confirmed the contents of the train cars was contained to the area of the derailment and was not freely floating away in the river.

No injuries were reported and officials say no toxic chemicals were on board or have spilled into the surrounding environment, unlike a February derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, which resulted in toxic materials being spilled into waterways and spewed into the air in the area of the fiery accident. The company that owns the train, Montana Rail Link (MRL), says it does not yet know what caused the derailment on Sunday, but is working with officials to ensure the safety of the residents and the local environment. 

The Montana incident is one of several high-profile derailments that have occurred in recent weeks. According to NPR, there are approximately three train derailments a day in the US, but most of them are not harmful or newsworthy. Norfolk Southern, the owner of the train that derailed in Ohio, had another derailment in early March in Alabama, which reportedly did not result in any environmental harm. 




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