Florida Rep. Steube announces he will return to DC after falling off a ladder in January

Florida House Rep. Greg Steube announced this week that he will make his return to Capitol Hill sometime later this month after recovering from a fall off a ladder in January.

Steube, a Republican House Representative who served in the role since 2019, was cutting tree limbs in his yard when he fell from a 25-foot ladder and sustained several serious injuries. He was hospitalized and had a brief stint in the intensive care unit before being released on January 21. Steube suffered torn ligaments in his neck as well as a punctured lung, and a fractured pelvis.

On Wednesday, Steube Tweeted that he will be making his return to the House chamber imminently, writing, I’m happy to report my doctor has cleared me to fly. I am looking forward to returning to D.C. later this month!” Steube has been working on what he can from Sarasota while he has been recovering and under medical care resulting from the accident.

Steube’s return to Capitol Hill will be a welcome event for Republicans, who hold only a small majority in the House of Representatives at the moment. 




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