Former Maryland governor’s ex-chief of staff being hunted by Feds on embezzlement charges

Former Maryland governor Larry Hogan’s ex chief of staff, Roy McGrath, is the subject of federal manhunt at the moment after skipping his court date on Monday on charges of embezzlement and wire fraud. 

McGrath, who worked for the popular Maryland governor for a brief period from June 2020 to August 2020. He resigned when questions were raised over a severance package he received from his previous job at the Maryland Environmental Service. The severance agreement was found to be fraudulent and investigators found McGrath forged a memo from the governor agreeing to the severance package.

McGrath is also accused of falsifying his time sheets and going on vacations while being paid as though on the clock, and stealing money from the MES for college courses at Harvard. A federal judge issued a warrant for McGrath on Monday after he missed his first court appearance related to the charges, and by Tuesday night he was still considered a fugitive. He has been living in Naples, Florida but was expected to travel to Maryland for his court date.

It is possible that the former governor will testify in the trial, as he has previously denied knowing about or agreeing to the severance package received by McGrath. 

McGrath’s attorney, Joseph Murtha, said on Tuesday he did not know his client’s whereabouts. “Unfortunately, I have no idea of Roys’s whereabouts,” he said. “I hope that he is safe, and that we will soon have an opportunity to speak with one another.”




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