Republican reactions to Nikki Haley’s 2024 bid range from optimistic to xenophobic

Republicans have reacted publicly this week to former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley’s announcement that she is running for president in 2024, with some in the GOP camp warning that her prospects may be surprisingly promising, and others telling her to “go back to [her] own country.”

Republican lawmakers and strategists have expressed their belief that Haley’s campaign platform – replacing older lawmakers with a new generation of younger legislators – may be surprisingly resonant with Republican voters. “I think it’s good for Republicans and conservatives to have her out there,” said Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of the conservative South Carolina Policy Council to The Hill. “The Republican Party — it kind of has an image problem, and Haley can help with that. Now, whether she wins or not, that’s a whole different thing.”

Other Republican figureheads have come out swinging against Haley’s candidacy. Conservative personality and pundit Ann Coulter appeared on “The Mark Simone Show” podcast this week, where she expressed her disdain for Haley, who is originally from India. “Her candidacy did remind me that I need to immigrate to India so I can demand they start taking down parts of their history,” said Coulter. “What’s with the worshiping of the cows? They’re all starving over there. Did you know they have a rat temple, where they worship rats?” Coulter also urged Haley to “go back to [her] own country.”

Haley’s former boss and former president Donald Trump publicly commented on Haley’s announcement for the first time in an interview with Fox News Digital. “I’m glad she’s running. I want her to follow her heart — even though she made a commitment that she would never run against who she called the greatest president of her lifetime.” Trump was referring to a comment Haley made in the past saying she would not stand in the way of Trump if he ran in 2024. “She should do what she wants to do and not be bound by the fact that she said she would never do it,” Trump said.




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