New bill passed in Florida expands program to bus migrants to blue states from other US states

The Florida legislature passed a new bill this week expanding a program started by Governor Ron DeSantis last year to transport migrants to blue states.

The new bill adds the ability to transport migrants who cross the southern border to more Democratic states not just from Florida but from anywhere in the country. DeSantis was met with outcry last year when he flew two planes filled with migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard to drive home his message to Democrats that the situation at the southern border was ramping up and needed to be addressed by the White House.

At the time, the move came under fire because the state’s relocation at the time did not allow for migrants from other states to be transported from states outside Florida. The new bill this week expands the program’s reach, granting the ability to pluck migrants from other states and transport them to so-called “sanctuary cities” in blue states.

The new bill, passed Friday, allots $10 million in taxpayer funds to cover the cost of transporting migrants around the country for what many critics are saying are political reasons. Some have even called it human trafficking, citing the fact that the Martha’s Vineyard migrants were misinformed about where they were going and what was awaiting them when their flights landed.

Democratic lawmakers have spoken out against the new bill on the Florida House floor. “Migrants are human beings and are deserving of respect and dignity, they can’t give permission or consent if they don’t understand what they’re being asked,” said Rep. Jennifer Harris of Orlando. There are currently open investigations into DeSantis’ movement of migrants last year that may later affect the validity of the program.




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