Celebrity-backed nonprofit shuts down after being sued for bailing out man who allegedly shot waiter eleven times

The Bail Project, which is a non-profit organization for bail reform has shut down in Las Vegas and is being sued for releasing a serial criminal who murdered a waiter. 

The Bail Project, which is supported by A-List Celebrities such as Danny Glover, John Legend, and Richard Branson, just to name a few, posted a $3,000 bond for Rashawn Gaston-Anderson in December 2021, which six days later after being bail out, shot Shanghai Taste worker Chengyan Wang 11 times, seven of which were critical hits.

Gaston-Anderson pleaded guilty to felony mayhem and attempted robbery with a weapon in November and was sentenced to 7-18 years in prison earlier this month. 

Wang survived and is currently suing both Gaston-Anderson and Shanghai Plaza owner US Hui De Real Estate Investment Corp. Wang is seeking over $15,000 in damages from each defendant.

Kory Kaplan, Wang’s lawyer said, “He’s got scars all over his body. He can’t move his shoulder over a certain height. I don’t know how (the bullets) missed a vital artery. 

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson told media outlets, “Normally when bail is posted, a cash bail, it is a family member or friend who is familiar with the accused. One can say, in a sense, they are vouching for the person. They are risking their own money. A family member comes forward, a brother, a friend, and if they put up $3,000 and this person doesn’t show up or re-offends, they lose their own money.”

However, he said that “In this case, we have an out-of-state national organization with little or no ties to our community who puts up the cash bail.”




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