South Texas Democrats irate over lack of national support from party

Following a report by Axios this week that revealed the Democratic PAC House Majority plans to pull its planned ads for the House race in South Texas, where Rep. Michelle Vallejo is clinging to her seat, drawing ire from Texas Dems.

Former Texas congresswoman Wendy Davis Tweeted her reaction to the news. “WTAF?!?! So the @DCCC is throwing in the towel in the only truly swing seat in TX?” she wrote. “If @MichelleVforTX loses this race and the national narrative continues with the ‘Ds are losing Latinos’ message, we’ll have @HouseMajPAC and the DCCC to thank. Please keep standing with Michelle.”

The Axios report alleges the Democratic National Party and the House Majority PAC are making necessary but ruthless budget cuts, including ad budgets in some congressional districts.

Vallejo responded to the cuts in an interview on Tuesday, saying, “We’re going to continue working with national leadership and hopefully find a path where it makes a lot of sense for them to invest and to support me.”

She added, “I mean, the argument is already there, right? Because this is the No. 1 most competitive seat. We’ve been working very hard. … We feel very confident that we have everything we need, and just to be able to push people a little bit more in our corner is the goal.”

The Axios article also pointed to races in New Hampshire, Nevada and Wisconsin that had fallen victim to the national Democratic organizations’ budget cuts ahead of next month’s midterm elections. Vallejo indicated her campaign will forge ahead in spite of the cuts.

“This was some news that we were not expecting, but we’re staying focused,” she said. “We’re still pushing to get as much support at the national level as possible, because every bit of help really just helps us get this job done that we have at hand.”




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