Canadian Riverdale actor Ryan Grantham sentenced to life in prison for murdering his mother

Canadian actor Ryan Grantham, who is known for his roles in the TV show Riverdale and the movie ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid,’ was sentenced this week to life in prison for murdering his own mother in cold blood in 2020.

Grantham, who is 24 now, allegedly suffered from severe mental health issues at the time he shot his mother as she played the piano in the family’s living room two years ago.

According to prosecutors, he loaded his car the following day with weapons and survival gear with the intent to drive to the home of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa with plans to kill him. 

At some point, prosecutors say, Grantham changed his mind and headed for either Simon Fraser University, where he was a student, or at Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge. Instead of committing another crime, however, he ultimately turned himself in at a Vancouver police station and told officials he had shot his mother.

Grantham’s private journals and his admission to the police both confirmed his story, and when talking to officials he reportedly expressed remorse for his actions. Grantham was charged with second-degree murder and in a sentencing hearing on Tuesday last week was given life in prison with possible parole after 14 years served.

Grantham told officials he had shot his mother to prevent her from having to see what he did next, apparently in reference to his plans to kill Trudeau and commit mass violence at a school or other venue. His acting credits also include Supernatural, iZombie, and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.




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