Biden’s senior communications advisor will be leaving the White House

The White House adviser and longtime communication aide to President Joe Biden, Meghan Hays, will be departing from her role as director of message planning this month. 

Hays has been the special communication assistant to the President, working along his side for the past eight years including during his vice presidency.

“Very few people have had as deep an impact on every facet of President Biden’s communications as Meghan has. She’s a problem solver and the person you want fighting alongside you when the going gets tough. We will miss her tremendously,” the White House Communication Director Kate Bedingfield in a statement said, CNN reports.

Hays has held many responsibilities as a media strategist for the President, this includes his first primetime address on Covid-19, the President’s encounters with Ukrainian refuges in Poland, and coordinating how and where the President would deliver his speech after the historic operation which led to the death of al Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri last month.

The White House senior adviser in a statement said, “We have all turned to Meghan to steady the ship and handle interviews, town halls, trips, and everything else to enable the President to share his vision and message with the American people. Meghan’s tenacity and fortitude helped us build a better campaign, transition, and White House communications operation and we will all miss her.”

Hays has laid down the ground work for both domestic and foreign travel for the President, even interacting closely with reporters at the White House and trips.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan has credited Hays with assisting the administration advancement with their foreign policy agenda. “To help shape high-stakes diplomacy and negotiation. World leaders regularly commented on her expertise, creativity, and willpower – and President Biden equally regularly told them they needed to find a Meghan,” Sullivan said.




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