Elon Musk tells Twitter staff more about his vision for the direction of the platform, says Twitter should allow ‘pretty outrageous’ Tweets

In an all-hands virtual meeting of Twitter staff on Thursday, Elon Musk addressed Twitter staff to expand on his vision for the future of the platform and for workers at the company.

According to sources who were present for the meeting, Musk used the time to discuss how he sees the platform growing, and what changes he might make to the social media company. Musk told employees he wants to grow Twitter to 1 billion users. As of March, the number of daily active users on the platform was about 229 million. 

To get there, Musk says he is not opposed to using advertising as a revenue stream for the platform. However, Musk says he would have guidelines for what types of ads would be served, adding that the ads must be “entertaining,” and that the ads must not promote products that do not work. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO added a personal anecdote about a product he recently bought from a YouTube ad that did not work.

Musk also addressed the type of content the platform will allow going forward. According to the sources who were on the virtual meeting call, Musk told employees Twitter should allow “really outrageous” Tweets, but the platform does not have to promote them. Musk said the platform should allow users to say what they like, as long as it does not violate the law. 

When asked about the future of Twitter’s current permanent work-from-home policy, Musk said under his leadership, the company would encourage workers to go to the office, unless some of them are “exceptional” at their jobs, in which case they may be allowed to work from home.

The buyout deal is uncertain at this point, with Musk hinting he may pull out of the deal if Twitter cannot prove its user numbers. 

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