Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders ‘has not ruled out’ running for president again in 2024

According to a leaked memo, Vermont Senator and progressive icon Bernie Sanders ‘has not ruled out’ another presidential run in 2024, but only if current President Joe Biden does not choose to run for reelection.

The memo, written by top political advisor and former campaign manager to Sanders, Faiz Shakir, was distributed to allies of the 80 year old Senator and advised them on handling questions from the press and others regarding Sanders’ political platforms and future plans.

“In the event of an open 2024 Democratic presidential primary, Sen. Sanders has not ruled out another run for president,” wrote Shakir. “So we advise that you answer any questions about 2024 with that in mind.”

The memo continued, “As campaigning heats up in states across the country, your political opponents and their corporate-aligned allies will try to make you feel defensive about Sen. Bernie Sanders’ support for your candidate. Our advice is to embrace the attacks.”

While President Joe Biden has said he plans to run for reelection in 2024, he has also warned he cannot plan for ‘3 ½, 4 years in the future.’ The memo from Shakir addresses Sanders’ support of the incumbent president.

“Sen. Sanders is focused on helping Joe Biden have a successful presidency. As Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, no one fought harder for the president’s policy agenda than Bernie. He traveled to Republican Congressional Districts last summer to promote Build Back Better. Unfortunately, that legislation was stopped by corporate Democrats.”

The memo also asks for supporters’ help in identifying candidates for Sanders to endorse in this year’s midterms. “Sen. Sanders is interested in endorsing more candidates and we’d love your help identifying potential target races.” 




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