Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan will reportedly take a look at a possible 2024 presidential run

Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD) announced that he is “certainly going to take a look” at a 2024 presidential run.

This announcement comes days after a previous announcement that he will not run for Senate despite GOP members urging him to campaign for a seat.

According to The Hill, Hogan appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper. Tapper asked if Hogan would be considering a 2024 presidential run, though Hogan made sure to emphasize that he will be focusing on his current term as Maryland’s governor. His term comes to an end in January 2023.

Hogan said, “I’m going to run through the tape as governor until January of next year. I’m going to try to be the very best governor I can be. I’m going to sit back and not be involved in the issues of the day. I’m concerned about the direction of the party and the country. And I will make a decision about 2024 after I finish this job.”

Hogan spoke about him rejecting a Senate bid. “I like to get things done and in Washington it seems as if there’s just a lot of divisiveness and dysfunction and not a lot gets done. So, it wasn’t the right job, right fit for me,” he said. This makes him the second governor to pass on running for Senate. Hogan joins Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) in his decision. 

Part of Hogan’s decision not to run for senator is the lack of productivity in Washington. “I have been a lifelong executive. I have much more power as a governor of Maryland. I make decisions every day that impact people’s lives, and I like to get things done,” he said.

“And, in Washington, it seems as if there’s just a lot of divisiveness and dysfunction, and not a lot gets done. So, it wasn’t the right job, right fit for me.”




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