Quebec to suspend thousands of healthcare workers who aren’t fully vaccinated

Roughly 15,000 Quebec healthcare workers who are not fully vaccinated will reportedly be suspended without pay starting Friday.

Health Minister Christian Dubé has asked all professional orders in the province’s health sector to suspend the license of workers who aren’t immunized, and in a tweet Monday he welcomed a decision by the Quebec Order of Nurses to follow through on the order.

Among Quebec’s 80,500 nurses, 4,338 are not vaccinated, including 2,807 not vaccinated at all and 1,531 who have had one dose, Luc Mathieu, president of the order, told Radio-Canada. And another 5,716 nurses whose vaccine status is yet known could be suspended without pay as of Friday if they have not received two shots.

Quebec’s Collège des médecins is also on side with the order, already saying they will suspend licenses of unvaccinated doctors — practising in-person or remotely. Quebec’s Order of Respiratory Therapists will also be abiding by the minister’s order.

“We have no choice but to apply this decree,” Josée Prud’homme, executive director of the order, told Radio-Canada. “We can’t help but agree with the measure.” Her members, however, have one of the highest vaccination rates in the province’s health-care sector, at 96 per cent, meaning only about 140 therapists would be affected by a suspension order. “They will have to live with the impact of not being vaccinated” said Mathieu (Post Millennial).




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