Family of Texas high school shooting victim says they are ‘shocked’ by video of fight before gunfire

The family of a 15-year-old shooting victim at a Texas high school was “shocked” by the video of a fight that police say led to the incident. Timothy Simpkins, 18, allegedly shot Zacchaeus Selby, 15, four times with a .45-caliber handgun during a fight that broke out at Timberview High School in Arlington on Wednesday.

Simpkins turned himself in following an hours-long manhunt, and Arlington police released him Thursday after he posted a $75,000 bond. Simpkins’ family has claimed he acted in self-defense, saying Selby had bullied him, but Selby’s family has insisted he is the victim.

Footage of the fight – currently in possession of police as evidence – has “shocked” the Selby family. “We’ve seen the video ourselves,” Kathy Selby, the victim’s grandmother, told FOX 4 News. “We were shocked to see the video because we’ve never ever seen him that way before. I’ve never seen him fight with even his sister or his older brother. He’s a mild-mannered, soft-spoken child,”

Kathy Selby said her grandson’s condition has improved since he was admitted to a hospital, and the family is optimistic about his recovery – long as it may be. On Friday, after the football game between Timberview and University high schools, the teams knelt and prayed for his recovery.

“Everybody’s so nice and sweet and caring,” Zacchaeus Selby’s mother said. “We’ve been getting so much love and support. They said the visiting room is just full of people trying to come in and see him.” She added, “One of the other victims – the teacher – their family came and prayed with us. We’ve had the police come and speak with us and give us hugs, and the staff is nice. We’ve had staff pray with us. I mean, the love and support is … it’s so much.”

Simpkins faces three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, WFAA reported. Shots allegedly fired by Simpkins hit Selby in the arm, leg, chest and stomach – and struck a teacher who attempted to break up the fight. A bullet grazed another student (Demand More).




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